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TEL:029-8958 8822crdy无弹窗_crdy最新章节 crdy无弹窗_crdy最新章节 ,我就是王一彤最新章节目录_我就是王一彤最新章节 我就是王一彤最新章节目录_我就是王一彤最新章节 ,禁欲短文集合老师最新章节免费阅读_禁欲短文集合老师最新 禁欲短文集合老师最新章节免费阅读_禁欲短文集合老师最新

about wuhe

       Shaanxi Wuhe Technology Co., Ltd. established in Xi’an in 2003, acting as the agent of several famous foreign companies for their high technology products.
       We mainly deal in temperature measurement devices and precise instruments, includingConfocal scanning laser microscope (Lasertec Corporation Japan/ Yonekura Mfg. CO., Ltd.), Boilerwatch® MMPII (SEI.INC USA), LASER products (Cyber Laser Inc.Japan), Plasma and Ion Sources Etching System(Nanomaster Inc. USA), Thermocouples (Nanmac Corporation USA) etc..
       In that case, we have built up a customer base of universities, institutes, oilfields, power plants, refineries and so on. The main customers include Sinopec, China Petrol, Capital Steel Company, Bao Steel Company etc. We’ve also developed a good relationship with the local government. We have good sales channels and network with which we could seize the market and increase the sales.
       Our business philosophy is honesty and to build a win-win structure for both providers and customers. We combined the most advanced and authentic technological achievements with Chinese market to create a unique operation mode, forming a specific product system attaining the highest international standard.
       Wuhe never loses sight of what really matters: the satisfaction and success of our customers. All of our products and services are developed with the goals of the customer in mind. Our employees are the most important and dynamic part of Wuhe. Our diligent and professional employees will provide you proper service.
      “Brilliant quality, Honest personality, Excellent service”.

WuHe Idea

Core Value
Honesty,Quality,Customer Centric


Healthy Development, Agelong Management


Customer Satisfaction,Staff Satisfaction and Society Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction-Offering
high quality products & servicesStaff Satisfaction-Building harmonious & respectable
team-work atmosphereSociety Satisfaction-Concentrate on environment pretection& energy
saving, service for our society with professional quality.

our Products

Lasertec Corporation/Yonekura CO., mfg. (Japan)---Distributorship in China

Confocal scanning laser microscope,Real Color /High temperature confocal microscope.

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LASER for high-precision processing, testing and repairing of high-added-value materials such as semiconductors, liquid crystals, ceramics, transparent materials.

MURAKAMI COLOR RESEARCH LABORATORY CO.,Ltd(Japan)---Distributorship in China

Color and Appearance Measuring Instruments (a colorimeter / a glossmeter / others) ,which have been successfully accepted by the various industries and laboratories.

Nanmac Corporation(USA)---Distributorship in China

Thermocouples, in the industrial applications of true part temperature in injection mold cavities for plastic, metal or glass; furnace temperatures to 4200 degrees F for prolonged periods of a year and more, temperatures of a moving wire, fiber, or thread, plastic coating temperature on a paper cup, and surface temperatures of automobile. crdy无弹窗_crdy最新章节 crdy无弹窗_crdy最新章节 ,我就是王一彤最新章节目录_我就是王一彤最新章节 我就是王一彤最新章节目录_我就是王一彤最新章节 ,禁欲短文集合老师最新章节免费阅读_禁欲短文集合老师最新 禁欲短文集合老师最新章节免费阅读_禁欲短文集合老师最新

Sigma Koki Co.,LTD---Distributorship in  Northwest China

Optical componentsFrames and platform, etc.


Company Name :crdy无弹窗_crdy最新章节 crdy无弹窗_crdy最新章节 ,我就是王一彤最新章节目录_我就是王一彤最新章节 我就是王一彤最新章节目录_我就是王一彤最新章节 ,禁欲短文集合老师最新章节免费阅读_禁欲短文集合老师最新 禁欲短文集合老师最新章节免费阅读_禁欲短文集合老师最新 Shaanxi Wuhe Technology Co., Ltd.

Address : 616,West BD,No.8,Gaoxin 3rd Road, Xi’an Hi-tech industries Development Zone Xi’an, 710075,P.R.China
Post code : 710075
Telephone : +86-29-8958 8822 

E-mail :

QQ : 2820284175